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July 6, 2013
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You had red feelings for Nepeta Leijon for a long time now. She was perfect in your eyes and made your blood pusher skip a beat when you thought of her, a blush light up your face. But as of right now, you were only close friends. You knew Nepeta didn't have a matesprit, but... How could somebody as perfect as her, feel red for somebody like you? You were a lowblood, a red blood. A mutant.

At the moment, you were sitting with Gamzee in the horn pile. He was your moirail and he listened to all your problems, he knew how red your feelings were for Nepeta. As red as your own blood. He was staring off into nothing, a dazed look in his eyes.

But your own eyes were on Nepeta. She was talking with Equius and every so often, her face would light up and she would smile, laugh. You would smile when she did, you would chuckle when she did. You couldn't hear their conversation, but suddenly Nepeta seemed to look... embarrassed? You narrowed your eyes as you watched that olive green blush darken on her features and she could barely look at Equius, her gaze instead on the floor and every so often glancing up at her moirail.

Gamzee, snapping out of his daze, followed your gaze. He found it heartbreaking that you couldn't get over the fact that you were a mutant blood. He was one of the highest on the hemospectrum and still, he was your moirail. Why wouldn't Nepeta want to be your matesprit?

A sort of sad frown crossed his face as he grabbed one of the horns from the hornpile and, as you were distracted, raised it up to your ear. Then, he honked the horn. HONK.

You almost jumped into the air and whipped around to look at Gamzee, who was rolling around in the horn pile laughing and honking the horn.

"Gamzee!" You laughed, your tinkling voice filling the air with a sort of almost... music. You had a beautiful voice and your singing was even more breath-taking. Sometimes Gamzee would ask you to sing for him and he'd fall asleep within seconds, you petting his hair; being cautious of his horns.

As he calmed down and stopped laughing, he put the horn down. He was still chuckling though, as he looked at you with that droopy-lidded gaze. "I all up and saw who you were looking at, motherfucker."

A deep blush crossed your face and you hid your face in your hands, "Shut up!"

"But why don't you just all up and tell the motherfucker about your red feelings, ___?"

You looked up at Nepeta again, a forlorn expression crossing your face, who was... looking at you. Her blush darkened, if even possible as her face was a glowing malachite color, and glanced away. You blinked in surprise, but decided to let it go. Maybe she was still embarrassed about whatever she was talking about with Equius? He had already walked away and had left her there alone.

So, sighing, you answered Gamzee's question with red tinted tears in your eyes. "Because I don't want to lose her, Gamzee."

Gamzee frowned and rubbed your back in slow circles, something that always calmed you down. You sniffled and glanced at Gamzee, throwing yourself into his arms. He hugged you tightly and, as he was hugging you, he was looking over your shoulder at Nepeta. She had gone back to staring at you, though you couldn't see. The look on her face was one of longing, though the blush remained. She stood there for a moment, looking at you as if she wanted to say something, but then shook her head and walked away in a defeated manner. Then, Gamzee knew... and an ear-to-ear smirk grew on his face.
In this fanfiction, the game has been played. They are in the place where Gamzee (SPOILER) kills Equius and Nepeta. I'm not too proud of this one... It will get better, I hope. I have the story all outlined...

Stay tuned for more~!

Homestuck and all it's characters (c) :iconhussieplz:
You (c) You... for now :iconpervynepetaplz:

Part 2: [link]
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