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May 27, 2013
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You are yourself. You enjoy ADVENTURING and do so every chance you get! There's always something to be discovered. Sometimes, your good friend even joins you! But Nepeta is visiting with Equius today, so you decided to get out of your hive and go adventuring. You never liked being in your hive for too long and you never knew why, either.

But right now, you're making your way through a field of grass. The moons are glowing softly in the sky above you and the stars are twinkling in that enchanting way of theirs. It makes you feel at home. You take a deep breath in, the crisp air refreshing you and adding an extra bounce to your step. You have a bright smile on your face as you continue onwards, until you notice something in the distance.

You squint a bit as you try to make it out... and you realize, it's a hive! Oooh, you can make a new friend! You're in the countryside, where the lowbloods live. It's not exceptionally far from your hive, actually. You haven't been exploring for long and you've already found something worth inspecting. Oh, how you wished you'd found it sooner!

You are Tavros. You've wheeled yourself to the edge of the cliff next to your hive and you are now looking out into the ocean. You gaze at the stars reflection off the dark, dangerous waters and a sort of yearning tugs at your heartstrings. Your expression turns into a slight grimace. You know that you can't swim in those waters, they're forbidden, but... if you weren't stuck in this wheelchair, maybe you could prove them wrong! But that's probably a bad idea. All your ideas are bad ideas.

You glance down at your lap, in which sits your hands. You're twiddling your thumbs and suddenly you realize that you're biting your lip. Holding back tears. If only you could go back to being like everybody else... It's all Vriska's fault. Well, maybe it was your fault. You were the one who agreed to EXTREME role-playing. You give a deep sigh.

What!? There's no way you're doing THAT! You don't even know what a chimpanzee is! Instead, you're peeking around his hive... which you've been admiring. You liked the way the troll built it, especially with the spinny windmill at the top! You immediately notice that the troll is in a wheelchair... and a frown crosses your face. He looks like he's looking down at his lap, a little slumped over. You can tell he's upset.

Tentatively, you make your way over to him. You have a small, friendly smile on your face as you approach him. "Hello!"

The troll jumps and swings around to look at you, his eyes wide. "AH!"

"EEP!" You jump as well for a moment before regaining your composure. You didn't expect him to react like that! "Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to scare you! I just thought I should come say hi!"

"Oh, uh, it's okay," the troll exhaled shakily and you noticed that he began to fervently twiddle his thumbs.

"What are you doing out here all alone?" You ask as you sit down on the grass next to his wheelchair, your (b/c) orbs glancing up into his brown ones. His eyes were illuminated by the light of the moons and turned an almost orangey, caramel brown. You blinked a few times as you looked up into his eyes and he stared down at you. But he couldn't hold your gaze, his eyes kept breaking and glancing at somewhere else instead of at you.

You'd been surprised (even scared!) when this troll popped out of nowhere all of the sudden. You hadn't heard her approach at all! Her footsteps were so light on the grass outside your hive, you doubt she'd even disturbed a blade. Once you shook off the shock, you got a good look at her. She was beautiful... and you tried not to stare. You looked at everything but her, yet your eyes were drawn to her every time. You fidgeted in your wheelchair.

"Oh, um, well..."

"What's wrong? You're shaking!"

You hadn't realized that you actually were shaking until she pointed it out. You were nervous... being faced with such a beautiful troll you had no idea existed! It was like she jumped right out of one of your fairy tales.

"N-nothing's wrong, I just, um, I'm a little nervous," You began as your eyes continued to flit around, "I-I've never, um, met you before."

You could see a small frown cross her face and she looked down for a moment. You tilted your head slightly in question, but before you had a chance to ask her what she was thinking about, she looked back up at you with a grin.

Then, she extended her hand toward you.

"I'm ___! It's nice to meet you, um...?"

You took her hand with shaking fingers and gave it a slight shake before you pulled your hand away. But some part of you didn't want to... you wanted to keep holding her hand. She was so warm and actually, you were starting to feel comfortable. Your shaking had stopped and your fidgeting had as well.

"U-uh, my name's Tavros..." You murmured in response.

"Tavros!" Your name on her tongue was like an angel singing and the soft glow of her smile made your heart skip a beat. A part of you wanted to abscond and another part of you wanted to stay... talk with her a little more. You fidgeted once more.

"Would you like some company, Tav?" You asked, your grin turning into a small smirk.

"Oh, well, um, y-yeah..." Tavros looked at you and for the first time since you've met him, he smiled. "I-I'd, um, like that."

You turned to look at the ocean with a smile of your own gracing your features, as you leaned back on your hands and took in the sights. Out of the corner of your eye, though, you saw Tavros was still looking at you.

Curious, you glanced over at him and he quickly looked away. A brown blush lit up his face as he looked down at his hands.


"I-I'm sorry, _-___," he said as his blush deepened and he slumped over a tad bit more. As if he were trying to hide his face. "You're just, um, r-really, well, uh, you're..."

You waited until he was finished choking on his own words, your head tilting to the side slightly.

"Y-you're really, um, beautiful..." Tavros looked away now so that his face was definitely hidden from you. Finally understanding, you grinned and leaned up against his wheelchair.

"You don't have to be embarrassed, Tav..." You giggled as you watched him turn slightly to look at you from the corner of his eye. "I think you're cute too!"

That's when he lost it. His face lit up like you've never seen before, even his ears were lightly dusted with brown.

"Let's just sit a while, okay? We can enjoy nature together!"

"Y-yeah, that sounds, um, nice..." Tavros could barely utter a whisper as his gaze was averted to the ocean once more.

You watched him for a moment before you reached out your hand... and wrapped your fingers around his own in the most comforting way possible. Once Tavros felt your hand grip his and squeeze gently... it calmed him. He squeezed your fingers lightly in return, only glancing at you. Which made you smile.

Damn, you love adventures!
I don't like thissss. But I have to finish what I started, yeah?

It'll get sadstruck later on though so beware :iconeridancryforeverplz:

Homestuck and all it's characters (c) :iconhussieplz:
You (c) YOU FOR NOW :icontavrosplz:

Part 2: [link]
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artfanloveswolves Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe, when I first read the part that said "You've wheeled yourself to the edge of the cliff" I thought it said OFF the edge of the cliff
but then I realized I read it wrong...
Great story by the way
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I love how the reader what's help him
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