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May 30, 2013
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You tried taking a step forward and fell on your face. Your flushcrush attempted to catch you, but she was too slow... with the weight of your new legs, you dropped like a rock in water. Oops. You didn't blame her though. How could you? How could you blame this perfect, magical, beautiful troll? After everything she's done for you? She apologized repeatedly for the mishap, but you brushed her off. After a while of practicing, she took you back to your hive in your wheelchair. You'd have to get used to this...

"Well that was fun, wasn't it?" The troll giggled as she strolled, elegantly, beside you. You refused to let her push you along. You glanced up at her as a shy smile flashed across your delicate features.

"I-I couldn't think of a, um, funner a-adventure I've ever had...!" You laughed, though the sound was quiet and self-conscious. You couldn't laugh any other way, even if you were comfortable around her. It just came out like that.

The troll glanced at you, then grinned that usual blinding smile. She had her hands clapsed behind her back, a small skip in her step. Usually it would go unnoticed, but you didn't miss it. Now that you think about it... every time she was around you, she had that unusual tell-tale bounce lately. You blinked at her for a moment before returning the gesture, then you looked down at your lap... trying to hide that creeping blush that flushed your gray cheeks.

You two arrived at Tavros's hive. You looked it over before turning your gaze to Tavros, who gave you a small smile before wheeling himself over to his door. You trailed behind him and watched, giggling in bubbly happiness, as Tavros rose out of his wheelchair. He wobbled a bit, but you were there to support him before he fell to the ground. Your arm wrapped around his waist, his around your shoulder, as you led him inside.

"T-thank you, ___," Tavros whispered, barely loud enough for you to hear.

"You don't have to thank me, Tav," you whispered back, a mocking tone in the friendliest and warmest way you could manage, "For you, any time."

You watched the blush that had only lightly dusted his face before become much more prominent. You giggled in response and, suddenly, he turned to look at you. Your eyes met and you felt... something you've never felt before. The only way you could describe it would be... a spark. Tavros's eyes widened as he stared into your own starstruck (b/c) irises, but he glanced away quickly. You didn't notice that you were coming up on your next challenge, you were too busy drinking in his features.

When you noticed that you two had come to a stop, you turned to see the reason.

The stairs.

"Oooh," The sound escaped your lips as you examined the towering staircase. Beside it, of course, was the ramp. You glanced at Tavros with a question in your mind... But it was never spoken. You saw the determination cross his face. His lower lip pouted out the slightest bit and his eyebrows furrowed, his chocolate gaze scanning the challenge in front of him. He would take it.

You grinned... now he was getting the meaning of adventure!

Your arm around your flushcrush's shoulders, you felt a power surge within you. A determination. You were going to climb these stairs and, damn it, you were going to do it with the help of your flushcrush!

You began to make your ascension, a shaky step on to the first challenge. She helped you all the way, whispering encouragments and keeping you balanced. You kept your eyes on your feet as you carefully made your way up the staircase. Wow, you were doing so well! Maybe this would turn out okay after all--

Oops. It looks like you spoke too soon.

You miscalculated your step, your awkward and foreign metal feet slipping. You knew you were falling down those steps, nothing you could do would stop you now, and you knew that you were taking your flushcrush with you. You threw your other arm around her and crushed her against you, both of you beginning to make your descent. You grunted in response to the pain as your back connected with the edges of the stairs and you heard a muffled yelp from your flushcrush as it was her turn to collide with the merciless unforgiving hands of THE STAIRS. This went on for a few  more moments before you finally, finally fell to the floor.

You landed on top of your flushcrush, your arms wrapped around her as tightly as you could manage. Your eyes were squeezed shut, expecting more impact, but once you realized that it was all over... You let her go. You lifted the first half of your body up by untangling your arms from her and spreading your hands on either side of her head, though your legs were tangled together in a way you couldn't figure out... Oops?

You stared down at her, your eyes wide. You shook slightly and all she could do was stare back up at you. You gazed down into those (b/c) eyes, her face alight with a (b/c) blush, yet all you could see was the dancing girl outside your hive... Sparkling, shimmering, moving with the stars. Before you could really think about what you were about to do, you leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

Your own eyes were shut tightly, your body tensed, you barely noticed Tavros's arms wrapped around you. Not until he untangled himself from you and rose up, did you notice that OH SHIT HE WAS ON TOP OF YOU. You blushed for the first time you think you've ever blushed and looked up at him. He paused before he lowered himself and, suddenly, his lips crashed against yours.

You were shocked for a moment before you kissed back, your arms rising up and wrapping around Tavros's neck. You pulled him closer to you as you smiled into the kiss, unable to help yourself. WOW. Did Tavros, the boy who couldn't even hold your gaze, really KISS you!?

When you two broke away from each other, you were both blushing messes. He looked down at you for a moment more before he began glancing around frantically. "Oh, uh, u-um," he began.

But you didn't let him finish. You pulled him in for another kiss, which he returned immediately and passionately.

===> SQUEE
You could barely contain yourself. Not only had you kissed her without thinking about it and she kissed you back, she ended up pulling you in for another one. Your eyelids drooped as you stole a glance at her face, then drifted shut. A contented smile crossed your lips, though they were still embracing hers.

You had to break away for air. Both of you were out of breath, still blushing. Your eyes locked and, suddenly, both of you cracked a grin. The sound of laughter filled the air as she untangled herself from you and slid out from under you. You turned over and sat on your floor, still smiling and giggling. Immediately, she wrapped her arms around you and rested her head on your shoulder; your arm found it's way around her waist.

"How long have you been waiting to kiss me, Tav?" The troll looked up at you and winked, a smile still turning the corners of her lips up into a cocky smirk. "I know you had to have planned that out."

"Um, a-actually, that was an a-accident," you said as you glanced down at her. The second your words reached your own ears, you realized that she could misinterpret what you meant. Accident!? "N-no! I mean, uh, I didn't--"

"Shh!" She shushed you by placing a finger on your lips and kissing your cheek. "I know what you meant."

All you could do was smile. You sat there like that for a while before you decided... this was the perfect moment. This was the moment you've been waiting for and you'd hate yourself forever if you passed it up.

"_-___. I have to tell you something," You took a deep breath in and you didn't wait for her response before the words began spilling out of your mouth, "I-I've been flushed for you for, uh, for a while now, and I couldn't g-get up the courage to tell you b-because you're t-the most, um, beautiful thing I've e-ever seen. I-I couldn't l-live a day, uh, of my life without y-you and, and, and..."

You took another deep breath, your face flushing from the lack of air. You forced the newly inhaled air out of your lungs, your lips forming to make words, but you couldn't believe you said them.

"W-will you be my matesprit!?"

You stared up at Tavros, an expression of shock on your face, as he looked down at you. He was panting and you thought maybe he was blushing, but you couldn't tell anymore. His face was glowing with the color brown from lack of air and, you were positive, embarrassment. Slowly, a grin creeped up on your face and your eyes lit up with glee. Pure, unadulterated glee.

"YES!" You squealed as you tackled him into the floor, your lips clashing against his.

You thought he'd never ask.
Okay well apparently I was on my dA after I took my sleeping meds and I don't remember what I said or did and oh my god. I probably embarrassed the hell out of myself. WHY, PAST ME, WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!?

Homestuck and all it's characters (c) :iconhussieplz:
You (c) TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH TAVROS :icontavrosplz:

Part 3: [link]
Part 5: [link]
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